Eliot Glaser - Composer/Performer

This page summarizes the services I offer with my contact information and a printable version of my resume.I've worked both full and part time as a composer, musician, and teacher since 1977 in a wide variety of religious and educational institutions. I've composed and arranged music for choral and instrumental ensembles, modern dance, and experimental music concerts. I've performed as soloist or accompanist for religious services, concerts, and recitals as a pianist, organist, early wind instrumentalist, chorister, and conductor. My teaching activities include piano, organ, and recorder students as well as composition and music theory tutoring and instruction.

Composition -- I'm available to compose new works, arrange existing music, or typeset your music using Sibelius or Igor Engraver. I've worked with traditional, contemporary, and experimental music spanning the range from vocal and instumental solos to choral and orchestral ensembles.

Performance -- I'm an accomplished organist, pianist, and synthesist in most genres. I'm available for concerts, weddings or other ceremonies, or for background music. I can perform as a soloist, a member of an ensemble, or an accompanist.

Instruction/Consultation -- I currently maintain a studio for private instruction in piano, organ, synthesizer, recorder, composition, and music theory. I'm also available for consultation on appropriate musical instruments for individuals or institutions seeking to install or upgrade organs, pianos, electronic instruments, or computer-based synthesis and recording workstations.
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Please feel free to contact me to discuss your next project.  I can be reached via mail, telephone, and email as follows::

Eliot Glaser
2943 S Detroit Ave
Tulsa, OK 74114-5226

telephone: 918-748-4409

You can view my current calendar here.

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