Eliot Glaser - Composer/Performer

Follow these links at your own risk. I can make no guarantee of their safetly or usefulness to anyone else -- although I would appreciate hearing about any broken links. Church Music
The Revised Common Lectionary from Vanderbilt Divinity Library is an invaluable resource for keeping track of the church year and lectionary readings.

The Cyber Hymnal catalogs almost 5,000 Christian hymns and songs by title,  tune, and more.  You can hear MIDI renditions of the hymns and learn a little about the composers and authors -- highly recommended.

The Oremus Hymnal is another hymnal site (emphasizing the Anglican tradition) with a helpful section suggesting hymns for specific lectionary readings.

The American Guild of Organists is the premier organization devoted to issues of interest to church musicians.
Synagogue Music
Oysongs.com is the leading online source for Jewish music. All of my Jewish music is in their catalog.

Transcontinental Music is the world's leading publisher of Jewish music.

The URJ's Torat Chayim page provides commentary on current and recent Torah portions in the yearly cycle of Torah readings.  Indispensable.
Compositional tools
Sibelius develops and markets Sibelius, the fastest and most accurate software I've found for music typesetting.
Computer-Based Synthesis and Recording
I use the Audacity open source audio editor.  Not only is it free and fast, but it has quite an impressive array of plugins available.  Highly recommended.
Charitable Organizations
America's Second Harvest finds ways to reduce wasted food in the US and direct it to those who don't have enought to eat.  Until we manage to cure hunger in this country, they'll be pretty important.

Habitat for Humanity is focused on making decent affordable housing available worldwide.  Talk about idealism!

Heifer International puts the Chinese proverb about teaching a person to fish instead of giving them a fish into practice all over the world.  You can give the person who already has everything the perfect gift by donating livestock in their name to those who can build a better life.

The Nature Conservancy is an evironmental organization with a difference --they works with citizens and communities to preserve the environment instead of being in everyone's faces.  Nice guys don't always finish last.
Civil Liberties and Human Rights
The American Civil Liberties Union is the granddaddy of them all.  My response to folks who don't agree with their work is "which civil liberty would you like to do without?"  Anoyone who loves America and what it stands for should be a life member.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State focuses on the civil liberty which was instrumental in the European colonization of the "New World" -- freedom of religion.  If I could support only one civil rights organization, it would be this one.

The Southern Poverty Law Center works to bring justice to the victims of intolerance and to educate about the benefits of diversity and tolerance.  Their work is unrivaled.

Amnesty International is THE global advocate for human rights.  'nuf said.